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Neomotion® NeoBolt Strap-On Battery Powered Scooter for Wheel Chairs

NeoBolt is the ultimate innovation that helps Wheelchair Users move around independently, not within the house, but to Work, to Shop, to Anywhere. All the user needs to do is, to strap on a front scooter. The user can do this independently without anyone's help. Move around the city independently. (PM) Buy Neomotion® NeoBolt Strap-On Battery Powered Scooter for Wheel Chairs in Pune & Mumbai, IndiaNeomotion Make in India Type
  • NeoBolt is a motor and battery powered add-on / attachment-unit to NeoFly wheelchair.
  • Wheelchair users can use NeoBolt to convert NeoFly Wheelchair into a battery and motor-powered device. This device can be driven on flat terrains and on roads, for purpose of mobility. A few examples include commuting to education, work, recreation, etc.
Designed For
  • A person using a wheelchair, after assessment by a medical professional.
  • User can independently attach to wheelchair.
  • Safe on uneven terrain.
  • Battery powered. Travels 30 km per charge.
  • Recharge in 4 hours. Portable battery for easy recharging.
  • Speed limited to 25 kmph.
  • Further speed limits available for beginners.
  • Drum brake.
  • Headlight, Indicators, Horn, Reverse, Digital Display, Mirrors.
  • Can climb a gradient of 8 degrees.
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