Diabetic Footwear (Sandals, Shoes & Socks)

There are a number of considerations to take into account when purchasing Diabetic Slippers, Diabetic Shoes and Diabetic Socks. Diabetic shoes are bio-mechanically engineered with unique therapeutic features that accommodate for swelling, enhance comfort and provide excellent protection against irritation of the skin.

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Buy Best Diabetic Shoes, Sandals & Socks in Pune & Mumbai, India

A common side effect of diabetes is “peripheral neuropathy,” which causes loss of sensation in the limbs. Shoes that don’t fit properly which rub or pinch the feet can lead to ulceration and foot injury. This can be because the diabetic person does not feel the injury until it is too late. A properly fitted diabetic shoe is very important in preventing injuries and helps to reduce pain by having proper foot care. Diabetic shoes are specially designed to fit the diabetic foot. They feature extra width and depth in the toe box and forefoot to relieve pressure from other areas of the foot.

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Our range of diabetic footwear products includes diabetic shoes, sandals, socks, insoles, and much more by brand names you know and trust.

Our specialists can assist in researching and finding the best diabetic footwear solution that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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Buy Diabetic Footwear in Pune & Mumbai, India

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