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CPAP Hose Tube Brush Cleaner by Monaco Products -5ft

Product OverviewCPAP 5ft Hose Tube Brush Cleaner is stainless steel stem and fits all widths of CPAP hose tubing. The CPAP tube brush is 5' in length and assists with cleaning and maintenance of all standard/slim CPAP tubing and hoses.

DonJoy Anaform Power Knee Sleeves (1 Pair)

Our Anaform Power Knee sleeves delivers knee support, compression and heat retention for general knee pain relief, swelling and mild knee sprains and strains. With mid-level support, the Anaform Power Knee helps provide squat rebound for enhanced performance, textured lining for ventilation and breathability, and neoprene for compression. Thin and lightweight, athletes can wear on the field, in the gym or under clothing for all-day relief. Sold in pairs. Features & Benefits 5mm perforated neoprene delivers compression and support for enhanced circulation and performance Textured lining allows for better breathability and anti-migration Anatomical fit provides all-day comfort Pull tabs for easy on/off application Reflectivity for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions Lightweight Product Line: Anaform

DonJoy Lateral J Patella Stabilizer

The DonJoy Lateral J knee brace is one of our most popular patella stabilizing brace. The brace is equipped with a tubular, lateral "J" buttress that runs alongside the knee and provides support against lateral patellar subluxation, dislocations, or improper patellar tracking. The Lateral J can be worn during day-to-day activities, as well as sports and in water. Drytex or Neoprene? Drytex is DonJoy's exclusive solution for patients with neoprene sensitivities or those who prefer less warmth from their bracing. Constructed of a unique patented nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric, it allows for improved airflow while still giving ample support and compression. Perfect for people in warm weather climates and those with neoprene allergies or irritations. Neoprene is a thicker material that will provide more warmth. With or Without Hinge? This brace is available with a removable hinge for added stability for an additional cost. You should order the brace with a hinge if you have joint instability. It will provide more medial and lateral support. Otherwise, you should order the brace without a hinge. Features & Benefits Available in drytex or neoprene Select with or without hinge Lateral to medial, adjustable straps provide additional stabilization and support Tubular, Lateral "J" Buttress helps to stabilize the kneecap (available in left or right configuration) Designed to support and protect patellar dislocation, lateral patellofemoral malalignment, lateral patellar subluxation, and chondromalacia Best for everyday activities and non-contact sports

Drive Devilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The small and lightweight design of this robust concentrator makes it user-friendly and capable of delivering up to 3 lpm of constant-flow oxygen and 6 lpm (equivalent) in PulseDose mode.

Headgear Clips for TrueBlue and Amara CPAP Masks by Philips Respironics

Product OverviewThese Talon Headgear clips work with either the TrueBlue Nasal or Amara Full Face CPAP masks. Headgear clips give the user more flexibility while they sleep at night by allowing the head and neck to shift without losing the seal. Clips can sometimes break, pick up a new pair today.

Karma Flexx Series Wheelchair (KM-8022 / KM-8522)

The Flexx Series (KM-8022 / KM-8522) is all about comfort, support, and performance. If you are an active user looking for an ideal custom-made wheelchair, explore the many options that the Flexx Series has to offer and find the right combination to match you and your needs. The Flexx Series is equipped with many adjustable features like rear wheel axle position, backrest angle, backrest height, and seat depth, just to name a few. With the elliptical-frame design, the Flexx wheelchair is not only stylish but also robust and durable.

Omron HBF-375-IN Body Fat Monitor

Product description: Omron HBF-375-IN Body Fat Monitor Body Weight display BMI Body Fat Percentage & classification Segmental Subcutaneous Fat & Skeletal Muscle Percentage (Whole Body, Trunk, Legs and Arms) Resting Metabolism Visceral Fat Level and classification Body Age Same Age comparison Progress Chart (NEW) Memory up to 90 days ago

Ozocheck Digital Thermometer

Ozocheck Digital ThermometerUses:• Helps monitor body temperature• Useful in determining the seriousness of any condition by checking the body temperature• Apart from human body, temperatures of other living organisms, atmosphere and for scientific reasons in the laboratories can also be monitored and regulatedSalient Features of Ozocheck Digital Thermometer:• Highly Accurate: Ozocheck Digital Thermometer can easily be relied upon to get accurate results• Non-Poisonous• Convenient: It is pretty convenient to use. No need for any added efforts to use it• Auto-Shut system ensures that the device doesn’t stays on if not used. This helps preserve the battery• Alarm System• Break Resistance: Chances of it breaking down easily are minimal due to its strong built Procedure to Use:Read the user manual carefully

Schafer Medico MRI Manual Wheelchair (VP-64.17)

From time to time we have customers whose specific needs are not met with our standard wheelchairs then we go back to our drawing board to make a customized product. Our CUSTOM series showcases a couple of our past projects. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will customize a wheelchair specially for you

Schafer Relaxio Recline Manual Wheelchair (AL-68.18CN)

When a patient spends a lot of time on their wheelchair, they need to have the ability to rest or even sleep in it. Our Relaxio wheelchairs are designed like a first class seat in a an airplane- where a patient can easily take a nap and even flatten the chair completely to sleep comfortably.

Vissco Avanti – L Shape Tripod Stick

Vissco has a wide portfolio of products in the walking aids division which includes walking sticks, walkers, and wheelchairs. Our mission is to manufacture superior products which focus on innovation and functionality and improve the quality of life of patients to help them stay independent. Need a helping hand when you walk around. The Invalid quadripod walking stuck u shape is widely used for greater balance as weight is also applied. It helps direct load through the arms and the walking aid, lowering the impact and static forces transmitted to the affected limbs. Benefits Of Use Provides larger base of support Helps facilitate balance and stability while walking Features Rigid Support Universal Fit Adjustable Support