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Carrying Case For SimplyGO Portable Oxygen By Philips Respironics

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Adult Cushion Cannula with 7ft Tubing 50/case by AirLife®

Product OverviewThe Adult Cushion Cannula by Airlife® offers a soft cushion style cannula that gives you a better over all experience. The tubing of the AirLife® brand are all crush-resistant so you don't have to worry about kinks in your line.

Bubble Humidifier Bottle For Various Oxygen Concentrators by Airlife®

Product OverviewThe AirLife® Bubble humidifier helps prevent drying out of mucous membranes in your nose and mouth, when used with the SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator. One of the best features is that these 370mL-capacity units have an audible-alarm pressure relief valve to warn patients of obstructions to flow.

Carrying Case for SimplyGO Portable Oxygen by Philips Respironics

Product OverviewThe Philips Respirnics SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator's attractive, multi-purpose carrying case allows users to wear it over the shoulder or secure it to the mobile cart. An extra battery, cannula, other accessories and convenience items can fit in the zippered pouch.

Disposable Oxygen Tubing 25 Foot Length – Clear

Product OverviewThe oxygen supply tubing is 25 feet long and made of a crush-resistant, kink-free material. This tubing is disposable and should be changed by the recommendation of your doctor.

Disposable Oxygen Tubing 25 Foot Length – Green

Product OverviewThis green colored disposable oxygen supply tubing is 25 feet long and made of a crush resistant material. Green tubing helps prevent unneccessary falls and accidents.

Disposable Oxygen Tubing 50 Foot Length – Clear

Product OverviewThis disposable oxygen tubing comes in 50 feet and is made of crush resistant, kink free material allowing the user the freedom of movement while using the oxygen concentrator.

Disposable Oxygen Tubing 50 Foot Length – Green

Product OverviewThe 50 ft green disposable oxygen tubing is crush resistant and more visible to patients to help reduce chances of a user or family member from tripping on the tube.

EasyPulse POC Back Pack Carry Bag by Precision Medical

Product OverviewThe Easy Pulse POC Back Pack Carry Bag is a optional bag that carries your portable oxygen concentrator, 2 batteries, power cords and extra oxygen tubing on your back, like a back pack! The back pack allows you the freedom of movement to walk wherever you need to go.

EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator External Battery

Product OverviewThe EasyPulse External battery is an additional power source used with the EasyPulse portable oxygen concentrator. It attaches to the EasyPulse Concentrator and provides approximately 3 additional hours of use. This product will double the battery life of the unit if used in conjunction with the internal battery.

Humidifier Pouch for SimplyGo Portable Oxygen by Philips Respironics

Product OverviewHumidifier pouch for SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator, holds the humidifier bottle so you can connect it to your SimplyGo POC. This Philips Respironics product is a must have for users of oxygen concentrators.

OxyArm Clear Head Band with Nasal Cannula Arm and 7ft O2 Tube

Product OverviewThe New OxyArm head band is uniquely designed like a telephone headset. The adjustable cannula arm extends in front of the face, and provides a direct nasal cannula interface without direct contact to the cheeks or ears.

Oxygen Nasal Cannula with 7 foot Tubing by Invacare

Product OverviewThe Adult Oxygen Nasal Cannula is an over the ear style to provide low flow oxygen with anti-roll guard for better fit, comfort and positioning. Newly designed softer tubing connector for easier fit. Three-channel crush resistant Sure Flow tubing, better comfort for long term use. Packaged in easy-open perforated bags.