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Amron Xamax Coccyx Cushion

Xamax Coccyx Cushion is ergonomically designed and scientifically crafted, Xamax Coccyx Cushion is an easy way to prevent pressure on the Coccyx (tail bone) and the lower spinal region. The unique U - shape cut helps in relieving pressure by not letting the tail bone come in contact with the sitting surface, resulting in comfort to the user.It is ideal for those who suffer from an injury that results in chronic spinal pain and can be used on any seat: car seat, office seat or even at home. Xamax Coccyx Cushion is recommended for obesity, post back surgery, chronic pain conditions, inflammatory pain, a fall onto the tail bone, injury or fracture of the lower spine, and pregnancy. Features of Xamax Coccyx CushionRelieves pressure on the tail bone.Unique cut-out section, minimizes pressure at the coccyx regionElevated design promotes correct spinal alignment for better posture.Made up of medical grade PU foam.

Bunion Splint

The bunion splint is designed to prevent bunion deformity of the great toe.It helps to align the toe in the correct position and reduce pain. With the help of products like these, your toe if injured can slowly return to its original position and prevent further deformity. The pressure of the big toe is well padded for support and the splint has a moving hinge which provides both rigidity as well as ease of movement. This supports and holds the metatarsal and arch area of the foot with a tight fitting band and can be used in the day or night. Made from neoprene rubber it provides softness as well as retains body heat which aids further recovery. When to Use Halux Valgus (bunion) Deformity of big toe Features Rigid Support Anti-Fungal

Cast Shoe

The cast shoe is designed to cushion and support the leg in a plaster cast.It is used as footwear by someone whose leg is in a plaster cast For people that have had their leg in a plaster before, they know one of the greatest challenges is wearing any shoe that fits the plastered leg. Vissco brings you cast shoes, which are made for that very same purpose. They provide firmness and orthopaedic support to the ankle. They prevent the plaster from chipping, cracking or soiling and facilitate stability while walking. The enhanced rocker bottom permits a more natural gait and the rocker sole too is slip resistant. A must have for people with a plastered leg. When to Use For the patients whose leg is inside plaster cast. Benefits Of Use Provides firmness and orthopaedic support to the ankle Prevents the plaster from chipping, cracking or soiling Facilitates stability while walking Ideal aid for a patient whose leg in a plaster Features Slip resistant sole Enhanced bottom permits a more natural gait How to Use Place your foot between the cloth and tighten on top and around the ankle with velcro fasterners as required Product Care Hand wash with mild detergent and water at room temperature Dry in shade on a flat surface Do not dry clean

Derotation Foot Splint (Night Splint)

The night splint is designed to provide immobilisation to the foot post surgery A splint of any kind is used to support an injured or fractured bone to help after an operation or during the recovery process. The Vissco night splint provides de-rotation foot splinting; that is, it helps to prevent hip rotation following any surgical procedure. When to Use Prevention of  foot drop contracture by supporting the foot in correct functional alignment during sleep Prevention of side rotation in case of hip/femur fracture or post surgery Night time splinting for  foot to prevent Achilles tendon contracture during prolong bed rest Benefits Of Use Rigid support to support foot in the resting position post surgery Ergonomic design and skin friendly material How to Use Tie the night splint around the foot to prevent rotation The strap provided can be tied at the end of the bed to fix it Product Care Hand wash with mild detergent and water at room temperature Dry in shade on a flat surface Do not dry clean

DonJoy Advantage Abdominal Support

The DonJoy Advantage Abdominal Support is soft, three-panel elastic compression wrap designed to support the low back and abdomen associated to abdominal strains, weakness, post-surgery or post-natal. A low-profile design and easy to adjust, this abdominal support is comfortable and lightweight so you can wear it discreetly under clothing without worry of any bunching or discomfort. Features & Benefits Uniform compression across the abdomen Lightweight elastic band for comfortable stretch and compression Comfortable three-panel design limits bunching Soft interior panel for all-day wear Easy to apply and adjust with contact closure

DonJoy Advantage Arthritis Compression Gloves (Pair)

The DonJoy Advantage Arthritis Gloves are open-fingertip, lightweight gloves with an adjustable wrist strap that helps provide compression and aids in freedom of movement. Constructed of soft nylon and poly fabric, the Arthritis Gloves are comfortable to wear while the silicon grippers help make it easier to grip. The adjustable strap allows for a more personalized fit and keeps the glove in place. Easy-to-use, the sleeve design allows the Arthritis Gloves to be worn throughout the day to help manage pain associated with arthritis or soreness. Recommended for daily activities, hiking, golf, or walking. Unisex (Mens/Womens). Features & Benefits Compression gloves to help manage arthritis pain or inflammation Soft nylon/poly fabric (52% Nylon, 40% Polyester, 8% Spandex) helps provide a comfortable and lightweight fit Open fingertips aids in freedom of movement Silicone grippers assist with gripping Sleeve design allows for easy on/off application Adjustable strapping allows for a more personalized fit and helps keep the glove in place

DonJoy Advantage Deluxe Elastic Ankle

The DonJoy Advantage Deluxe Elastic Ankle is a lightweight, low-profile ankle sleeve to relieve pain associated with sprains and strains, swelling or arthritis. Constructed with breathable, elastic knit material, this ankle sleeve provides compression to help ease pain, reduce swelling, and keep your ankle supported-without any range of motion restriction. It's dual silicone J-buttresses deliver targeted compression to the ankle joint. Easy to put on, the Deluxe Elastic Ankle can be worn with most shoes and fits on the left or right ankle. Features & Benefits Elastic knit material for lightweight, breathable and comfortable support Two silicone J-Buttresses provide targeted compression and help reduce swelling Anatomical design for ultimate fit Expansion panels allow for freedom of movement Easy-to-apply, slide-on design with closed heel Elastic band above the ankle for anti-migration Fits the left of right ankle