Lightweight Stair Climbing Walkers

Select from a range of High Quality & Reliable Stair-Climbing Walkers from leading brands – all designed to provide optimal protection & comfort while climbing stairs.

  • Unique lever mechanism to adjust rear and front legs
  • Ergonomically designed for stability and support
  • Adjustable height ( 81-91 cm)
No Cost EMI Options Available


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Buy Lightweight & Strong Stair Climber Walker in Pune & Mumbai, India

The walkers on today’s market all have one function and that is to assist the user in mobility and with greater ease, however, they do not make certain locations accessible to the user. For example, a physical disabled person cannot ascend or descend stairs with a walker on today’s market. Thus there is a need for a walker to provide assistance in mobility on level ground and in ascending and descending stairs. A walker with stair-climbing would be beneficial to the physically disabled.

ElderLiving carries a wide range of high-quality & lightweight Stair Climber Walkers from leading brands such as Vissco.

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Vissco Dura Step Walker for Climbing Stairs

The latest innovation from Vissco enables you to move ahead and go up and down the staircase independently. The walker can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is light weight and fold-able making it portable and easy to store.


  • Unique lever mechanism to adjust rear and front legs
  • Ergonomically designed for stability and support
  • Easy to unfold and fold
  • Adjustable height ( 81-91 cm)
  • Strong and lightweight