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Karma Flexx Junior Lightweight Foldable Children Manual Wheelchair

Specifically designed for children between the ages of 7 and 15 years, the Flexx Junior is a multi-adjustable pediatric wheelchair that adapts with the children as they change and grow. The adjustable seat width, depth, and height are just a few of the many built-in features that the chair offers. In addition, the Flexx family accessories are compatible for use with the Flexx Junior. Compact, foldable and lightweight, the Flexx Junior is the perfect wheelchair for travel and everyday use.

Karma KM-7520 Paediatric Manual Wheelchair

Suitable for children with developmental delays/moderate mental retardation/ mild limb paralysis. KM-7520 is featured with adjustable design, supporting the user’s body, life style, environment and skill changes. The KM-7520 reserves flexiblility for a child’s physical growth.