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Medi Germany Circaid Power Added Compression Band (Pac Band) Compression Garment For The Foot

Customisable, adaptive compression garment for more compression of the foot. The circaid pac band provides added compression of the foot around the forefoot and ankle. The possibility of trimming this foot option ensures the compression garment can be customised for the individual foot. It is recommended to always wear the circaid pac band in combination with a below-knee garment (e.g. circaid juxtacures). For compression of the whole foot, the circaid pac band should be worn over the circaid compressive sock.

Medi Germany Circaid® Built-In-Pressure® System Bps Card

Makes it easy to set and check the defined compression range. The patented* circaid Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) makes it easy to set the correct compression range. Placing the card against the garment allows the defined compression range to be checked during the day and easily readjusted, if necessary. The constant maintenance of the correct pressure generates creates an compression therapy. The BPS guide card enables all the straps on the circaid compression garments to be set within the same compression range, which guarantees a graduated pressure gradient that is essential for effective compression therapy.* Patented within the USA

Medi Germany Circaid® Compression Anklet Compression Anklet

Standard compression garment for the foot The circaid compressive sock is the standard circaid compression garment. It is now included with every delivery of circaid leg garments for the calf.

Medi Germany Circaid® Juxtacures® Compression Ulcer Recovery System

Effective compression treatment for venous leg ulcers The adjustable compression device circaid juxtacures is an effective alternative to traditional compression bandaging. Thanks to the four interlacing bands with hook and loop fasteners the donning and doffing is very fast and simple. With the help of the integrated circaid Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) the required compression range can be adjusted and measured exactly. The ability to simply readjust the compression range during the day avoids a loss of pressure and thus prevents the device to slide down. This leads to a consistent and effective compression therapy improving decongestion of the venous oedema. Furthermore studies prove that with adjustable compression devices the healing rates of venous leg ulcers are faster compared to traditional compression bandaging (1, 2).Additionally, circaid juxtacures offers time- and cost-savings:- Cost reduction of wound dressings: 55.5 % (3)- Cost reduction of compression material: 72.3 % (3)- Reduction of nursing time: 60.0 % (3)- Cost savings in treatment due to faster healing rates (1, 2)Studies prove: ”adjustable compression devices represent a further advancement of compression therapy for VLUs [venous leg ulcers] treatment”. (1) Mosti G et al. Adjustable compression wrap devices are cheaper and more effective than inelastic bandages for venous leg ulcer healing. A Multicentric Italian Randomized Clinical Experience. Phlebology 2019. DOI: 0.1177/0268355519858439; Epub ahead of print.(2) Stather PW et al. Review of adjustable velcro wrap devices for venous ulceration. In Wound J 2019. DOI: 10.1111/iwj.13116; Epub ahead of print.(3) Elvin S. Cost efficacy of using circaid juxtacures and UCS Debridement cloths. JCN 2015;29(2):62-65.

Medi Germany Easyderm Wipes Or Glove Cleansing Cloth

The innovative wound and skin care system for the entire body. Body cleansing using water and soap, time intensive drying and appropriate relubrication of the skin is time and cost consuming as well as hygienically dubious. Easyderm sets new standards.The cleansing system Easyderm cleans gently and cares for damaged skin. Easyderm can also be used at eyes and mucous membrane. The contained cleansing solution forms a film which is quickly absorbed by the skin and keeps it moistured and soft. Easyderm cleans and cares for the skin during every washing. It is available as cloth and glove.

Medi Germany Mediven Ulcer Kit® Double Layer Compression Stocking With 40 Mmhg For The Treatment Of Venous Leg Ulcers

Innovative two component stocking system for the acutephase of the therapy of venous leg ulcer. Treatment for venous leg ulcers demands a cleverly thought out treatment concept. Your venous leg ulcer can be treated with the mediven ulcer kit. The ulcer kit consists of two stockings that are worn over each other: mediven ulcer and mediven ulcer plus. The incorporation of elemental silver promotes wound healing and has an antibacterial effect.

Medi Germany Sinaqua Wipes Cleansing Cloth

Washing without water - the entire body cleansing and care system for bedridden patients The Sinaqua whole body cleansing and care system was developped to ease the washing process of bedridden patients. Thanks to Sinaqua the whole washing process will be optimised. The steps washing, drying and skin care will be combined to one single step. Thus can reduce time of washing by 40 percent. The patient individual usage makes for an optimised hygiene within the clinic. Germ spreading and cross-infections due to water and poorly rehashed washing utensils will be history. Sinaqua products are pre-moistened with a moisturising, hypoallergenic cleansing solution which rapidly and efficiently cleans the skin in a natural way and cares for the skin simultaneously. The ready to use single cloths can be used immediately without any need for preparation. Furthermore the cloths can be heated by micro wave or water bath to encrease patient comfort.

Medi Germany Ucs Debridement Wound Debridement Cloth

Sterile, pre-moistened wound debridement cloth Unique, convenient, safe system of care: UCS debridement is a pre-moistened single use cloth for effective wound debridement and cleaning of the surrounding leg area.