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Eagle Electronic Solar Digital Personal Scale

Eagle Electronic Solar Digital Personal Scale is very effective in weight management and to keep a regular check on weight and to monitor your progress towards weight loss or gain. This product has pressure sensors for effective readings. It also has a sleek design which provide the product a stylish look.Uses It is easy to handle and help in managing the weightIt gives you freedom to constantly check the weight readings and to compare the same with the previous oneProduct Specifications and Features:It shows accurate reading on which one can rely. It can give correct value till 400KgsIt is USB compatible; we can store all the recorded weight data at one place and can see the progress all togetherIt has precision gauge sensors for delivering best results with 0.3 oz accuracyIt has an auto off function which allow it to automatically switch off when not in useIt has low battery indicators and led display which gives it a unique lookDirections For Use Read the manual that will come with the product for better understanding of the product.Safety InformationRead the label carefully before useStore in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlightKeep away from childrenDo not exceed the recommended dosageTake under medical supervision only

Easy Care EC 3336 Digital Electronic Weighing Scale Brown

Easy Care EC 3336 Digital Electronic Weighing Scale is a with a slim design features an LCD screen with perfect readability and data in various units of measurement. Auto on and off feature helps preserve the battery life. It is made of high-quality wood which is stain resistant and can withstand high pressure. Weight measurement is in kilograms/pounds.Uses:Used for accurate measurement of weight. Product Specifications and Features:It is built using the best product which is durable and long lastingIt is artistically designed to look perfect from every angleFeatures an LCD screen which gives accurate readings along with g sensors which measure the pressure and gives readings accordingAuto on-off features which helps save batteryUses a wood top which is strong and stain resistant and can hold the pressure of the standee without getting tamperedDirections for use:Turn on an electronic digital scale and stand on it for accurate measurement of weight. Safety Information:Read the user manual carefully before useKeep away from and children

Easy Care EC 3402 Baby Weighing Scale White

Easy Care EC 3402 Baby Weighing Scale is artistically designed, slim, lightweight and easily portable. It is made using stainless steel and chemical-free materials that are safe and suitable for the baby. The scale is equipped with a large LCD which displays (backlit display) accurate results using the G pressure technique. It comes with an auto on/off feature to preserve battery. The scale is also equipped with a strong, stain proof body and comes with a non-slip mat. It also has a height meter to measure the height of the infant. It has a low battery indicator as well. Uses:It is useful in measuring the accurate weight of babies or kidsIt can also be used to measure the height of infantsProvides readings in Kgs Directions For Use:Ensure the reading is zero before placing the baby on the scale (If using a cloth/blanket for placing the baby, set reading to zero with the cloth/blanket on the scalePlace the baby on the scaleNote the reading on the scale Safety Information:Make sure the reading is zero when there is nothing on weighing scaleSet the scale on a safe and sturdy and flat surfaceDo not leave the baby unattended on the scaleRead the instructions carefully before useProtect from physical damage