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Pedder Johnson BOOK HOLDER (Acrylic support)

Description Details Book Holder by Pedder Johnson is designed for usage in bed or at a table in case of restricted or shaky hand movement. It is for people who find it difficult to hold a book while reading. It is easy to use, lightweight and portable. The Acrylic screen protects recipe books from stains while cooking.

Pedder Johnson BOOK HOLDER (MDF with metal pin support)

Description Details Book Holder by Pedder Johnson is easy to use with steel pins for angular support. Keeps book open for easy reading at a convenient angle. It has a slot in front for keeping pen/pencil. Multiple pinholes are provided to adjust for the thickness of the book in a slant position.


Description Details Door Knob Gripper by Pedder Johnson. This device helps improve the grip on round smooth doorknobs and faucet knobs. Just place it over the knob and your hand will not slip. Useful for people with limited hand strength.

Pedder Johnson Easy Fone Children Phone-Star ( Multi)

Description Details India’s first kids phone. Specially designed to help your little stars be more safe, confident & responsible

Pedder Johnson Easy Fone Senior Phone -Royale (Blue)

Description Details A phone you will flip for...and may end up buying for yourself as well as for your parents. Unique features like the Royale's dedicated SOS key and advanced SOS feature can help save precious time in an emergency. Now buy a phone with a host of never before features to help your beloved elders stay connected, independent and safe.

Pedder Johnson Easy Fone Senior Phone-Amico (Black)

Description Details Easyfone presents Amico- A Phone for Senior Citizens. This amazing phone with brilliant features keeps you close with your elders and help them in every possible way. The phone comes with a cradle charger that allows easy charging, large keys with 8 Photo Speed Dial allows to connect easily in case of emergencies, and unique phone finder key. A must-have phone for all elderlies to help them live their lives independently!

Pedder Johnson Easy Fone Senior Phone-Grand (White)

Description Details Easyfone Grand is India's first phone with special technology that boosts sound for hearing assistance. This phone comes with unique technology that amplifies sound, whether it is phone conversations or while watching TV.This is a great solution for seniors who need hearing assistance but do not feel the need to wear hearing aids.

Pedder Johnson Easy Fone Senior Phone-Marvel (Black)

Description Details Easyfone Marvel - A Phone for Senior Citizens. A robust & big dual SIM 2.2" easyfone with over 20 senior-friendly features that helps you stay connected with your elderlies especially in case of emergencies. The phone with easy to dial keypad, loud & clear sound, dedicated SOS button, long battery life helps your beloved enjoy their life independently & safely.

Pedder Johnson GRIP FOR HAIR BRUSH (Large)

Description Details Grip for Hair Brush by Pedder Johnson is useful for the people with limited hand strength or mobility, enabling them to brush on their own. One just has to tie the belt around the palm and place toothbrush/hairbrush etc. in the pocket provided.

Pedder Johnson Juvo Deluxe Door Safety Alarm- HSB 02 (White)

Description Details Help secure the doors and windows of your home office or apartment with the 120 dB wireless door or window alarm. Easy to use and very loud alarm will deter intruders. Easy installation. No wiring.

Pedder Johnson Juvo Door/Window Alarm & Chime- HSB 01 (White)

Description Details Alert people and deter intruders. This simple and powerful safety device alerts people and keeps away intruders with its extremely loud 120 db siren.

Pedder Johnson KEY HOLDER

Description Details Key Holder by Pedder Johnson. It is useful for people with limited hand strength or dexterity. It provides additional leverage for turning keys in a lock or car ignition.